Umby Umbrella - Nova
Umby Umbrella - Nova
Umby Umbrella - Nova
Umby Umbrella - Nova

Umby Umbrella - Nova

Normaler Preis $35.00 Sonderpreis $45.00

Every Umby has a story.

What happens to a family in the face of unemployment, an unforeseen health condition or a natural disaster? Given limited means, low-income communities ar the lease able to cope with a crisis when it does occur. A safety net has never been more important.

With each purchase, Umby provides on year of insurance to a family in need.

Together we are building more resilient communities by providing a safety net.


  • made from recycled plastic bottles
  • innovative carrying case with towel lining
  • vented canopy allows wind to escape
  • durable canopy with UV protection
  • Recycled Bamboo handle
  • Made by artisans in Guatemala

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