Amethyst - Raw Gemstone Necklace
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Amethyst - Raw Gemstone Necklace

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Since time immemorial, we’ve cherished Mother Earth’s treasures, gemstones formed over hundreds and thousands of years deep beneath earth’s crust. Minerals, temperature, pressure, time and space coalesce and magically work together to produce the crystalized minerals featured in this Gemstone Collection.

* Rough cut, one-of-a-kind gold dipped gemstone pendants 

* Triple plated premium brass over 925 sterling silver for superior tarnish resistance 

* Hypoallgernic and nickel free

* 16” necklace with 2” extender

* Sustainable, plastic free packaging 

* Handcrafted in India

AMETHYST to calm and nurture the mind and spirit
Chemical formula: SiO2 
Mineral class: quartz 
Birthstone: February
Fun fact: amethyst derives from the Greek word "amethystos", which means "not drunken", as amethyst in antiquity was thought to ward off drunkenness. 

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