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Billie Claire is an illustrator and digital artist, specializing in hand lettering, botanical drawings, and graphic design. She loves making people laugh from the unexpected, and enjoys pairing elegant florals with profanity and sass. Claire (named after her Great Aunt Billie Claire), is originally from northern New Mexico, where she grew up building forts and catching lizards instead of being "hip" to the MTV magic happening on cable, so please pardon her for her extreme lack of pop culture knowledge. After going to school in New Orleans and falling madly in love with that city, she spent a decade in Austin, Texas, which is where Billie Claire Handmade was born (and where her obsession with tacos began). In search of change and new places to explore, Claire and her husband recently moved to Washington, D.C.; where she is now a vendor with the historic Eastern Market community and is thrilled to be able to walk everywhere she goes.