Virginia State Chime
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Virginia State Chime

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This fair trade metal bell chime is ethically handcrafted in India using age-old metal craft and bell making techniques. Bell making is a traditional artform which has been passed down for generations in the desert Kutch region of India.

Master artisans skillfully cut and hammer upcycled metal materials to use in hand-shaping the bells. The bells are coated in powdered brass and copper then fired in kilns. Each traditional, rustic bell is tuned to reveal a rich, unique sound like no other bell.

This unique, nature inspired wind chime features a vibrant sun charm handcrafted with upcycled metal. The beautiful sun charm is intricately hand painted using non-toxic paints, featuring a floral motif inspired by henna design. Three handcrafted 2” Indian cow bells hang from jute cord loops below the sun charm. The piece includes a sturdy 5” jute hanging loop.

Metal bell chimes make ideal yard art and garden art. The radiant sun design is energizing and full of life, at once magnetic and refined. This modern boho aesthetic can be appreciated both indoors and out.

This radian Indian bell wind chime will appeal to vibrant spirits, green thumbs, gardeners, nature lovers, garden fairies, and those who appreciate sun symbolism. The joyful song of copper bells transforms any space. Ideal for a boho aesthetic. This intentionally crafted, eye-catching piece will enliven and energize indoor or outdoor settings.

DIMENSIONS:10.5"L , 6"W , 4"Cord

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