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Feel Havana in Cuban Style - Rich, Bold, Strong, Rhythmic

Each bag is 7oz. (200g). Cuban-style is ground as a “fine grind”.

This coffee is 100% Nicaraguan. Selected and roasted in the famous Cuban Style. We crafted this coffee to give you a taste of the bold, dark roast that is perfect for making coffee in the Cuban Style, or cafécito.

The tropical pink box honors the bright energy of Cuban guitarists & music culture.

Recipe for Cuban Coffee (Cafécito):

  1. Place a generous spoonful of sugar in your espresso cup.

  2. As your espresso drips into the cup, stir the sugar to mix the two into a creamy, sweet, and bold coffee.

Don’t have an espresso machine? You can do the same with a strong pot of coffee.


The story behind the coffee: During his early years, Colin decided to try his hand at freelance journalism to help pay his way at the London School of Economics. The premium cigar industry was his topic of interest, leading him directly to Cuba, the birthplace. A few articles has led to more than 15 years of visits, writing, & friendship. All along the way, from Pinar del Río to central Havana, a cafécito (small coffee) is always in hand. It is little known that coffee’s arrival to Cuba in the 1700s paved the way for Central American coffee production.

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