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Vida Cranberry Latte Pleated Face Mask - 100% Cotton

Vida Cranberry Latte Pleated Face Mask - 100% Cotton

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Super cute and affordable! These two-layer face masks are created using 100% cotton muslin fabric. Muslin is a tightly woven cotton material that is lightweight, soft and breathable.

They are washable and re-wearable.. These are not medical grade masks. Comes in a sealed plastic bag with care instructions.

* 5" Tall x 7" Long (open)

* Ethically made by women artisans in Thailand

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    Ethically Made

    Our stance on ethically made comes down to the simplest goal: empower people and stand for what’s right. Any products made outside the US are fair-trade certified and any products made in the global north are made by independent artists and small non profits.

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