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SITA tee in Dusty Pink

SITA tee in Dusty Pink

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This overcomer's story was first told in 2019. To celebrate the job that Sita now has in the sewing center, we're bringing back this twist-front tee!

I grew up in eastern Nepal and watched my mother's hardships. My father passed away when I was little, and my mother faced lots of trouble to raise us. We were just living day to day since it was impossible to go to school. 

I decided to go to India for a job. My mother wasn’t happy in my decision, but I wanted to wipe away her tears.  While crossing the border, I was informed of the risk of human trafficking in India. They suggested to me instead to join them in a safe home’s skill development training. I could then earn money safely. Our Daughters saved me from the risk of becoming sold to labor or sex traffickers, and they helped me to be an independent woman. 

In the beginning, while I got good food and clothing at safe home, I remembered my family and wondered if they had food too. I worked very hard and in some time, I completed the training for job skills like sewing. I now feel very happy with my life. 

  • Front twist is built-in; effortless to slip on. The shortest part of the front is long enough to cover the top of your jeans.
  • Back length is about 27" long. Center back is 6" longer than the front twist. 
    • Model wears M: Height is 5'11" - Bust 35" - Hip 44"
    • Semi-relaxed cut around the body.
    • Size up if in between sizes, so the twist lays more naturally around your hips.
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