CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria (alcohol-free)
River Organics

CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria (alcohol-free)

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Looking for a delicious calming drink at the end of a tough day? Want to celebrate, but don't want the alcohol or the hangover? Try our new CBD infused, alcohol free, Sparkling Red Sangria.

Our hemp Sangria will satisfy your pallet with its full-bodied taste, while it calms and soothes away the concerns of the day, giving you a relaxed, good feeling without any of the side effects of alcohol Traditional red wine blend with the perfect amount of oranges, berries, and Mediterranean fruits with a warm, cinnamon finish. Nano-infused with natural hemp extract.

100% organic Virginia hemp sustainably farmed in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, cultivated, and harvested by hand at optimal bloom.

Our organic, full-spectrum formula is made in small batches using organic certified processes and ingredients. 

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