Caturra Tea Natural Focus Organic (Coffee Cáscara)
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Caturra Tea Natural Focus Organic (Coffee Cáscara)

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Caturra Tea Natural Focus is a delicious tea made from sun-dried coffee fruits with their natural antioxidants & caffeine. Coffee fruits (aka 'cascara') have long been prized for their unique polyphenol profile that offers [delicious] central nervous system support. We have been so proud to bring this quality to North America. Caturra is the name of the Arabica coffee tree. We pick its red, ripe coffee fruits, take out the seeds, & sun dry naturally. From its amber tone to the full taste of citrus and black tea, Caturra Tea is delish hot or cold. The slight natural sweetness lets you enjoy it in pure form. That said, a stick of cinnamon makes the tea P O P !

*Whole, loose fruit, no special equipment needed

*50mg caffeine [similar to black tea]

*Zero Sugar / Zero Calories

*Upcycled for a healthier planet!

*20-25 servings HOT & 30-35 servings COLD

*100% Made At The Source, USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade Federation Member.

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