Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging – Dreamer
Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging – Dreamer
Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging – Dreamer
Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging – Dreamer
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Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging – Dreamer

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Our most intricate woven wall hanging yet, the Macy White Home Collection Modern Brights Dreamer Wall Hanging combines Macy’s favorite colors into what is to be the most prized statement piece in your home. Let the Dreamer be your daily reminder that dreams can come true!

Dare to dream big! This stunning handmade wall hanging adds personality and wonder to any space. Multi-colored details intricately woven together creates the perfect focal point piece for your home. The Dreamer reminds us that every detail that makes you who you are is purposeful. Who you are created to be and what you have to share creates an impact in this world.

The Macy White Home Collection has curated items designed by Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, interior designer Macy White.

One of Macy’s mantras is design with intentionality. Having a space that is full of pieces that tell a story is what makes a house come alive.  Experiencing those items while being around people you love is what makes a house a home.

Macy’s Designer Tip:  “This is a statement piece! Place the Dreamer over your bed or at the end of a hallway to get a pop of detail to fill the space.”

  • Our handwoven baskets are crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses.
  • Each wall hanging also has a loop on the back for hanging.
  • Each basket comes with a tag containing a bit of information about the artisan group that made it.
  • 18 inches in diameter and 2 inches in depth.
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.

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