Effs to Give -  Box of 5 Chocolate Covered Caramels FUCK

Effs to Give -  Box of 5 Chocolate Covered Caramels FUCK

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What's your favorite curse word? If it's FUCK, then this is the chocolate box for you. Fuckity-Fuck Not for everyone, but if you run out of Fs to give, here's another 5. "Cute little fucker" is my family nickname, so I take no offense. Plenty of other designs if these are not your thing. Multi-color is the default - blue, pink, purple. etc Mixed boxes of milk and dark chocolate A mix of Milk and Dark Chocolate covering a soft creamy European style Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel. Hand Sprinkled Fleur de Sel leaves a subtle crunch with the sweet caramel and bittersweet chocolate


Remember, every purchase supports the employment of individuals living with intellectual differences. It's not charity, It's smart business. We share a kitchen, so we are not able to offer Kosher certification.

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