CBD Wine Cabernet Sauvignon (alcohol-free)
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CBD Wine Cabernet Sauvignon (alcohol-free)

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Looking for a delicious calming drink at the end of a tough day? Want to celebrate, but don't want the alcohol or the hangover? Try our CBD Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our hemp Cabernet Sauvignon is just that deep red flavor you are looking for, but without the fear of a morning headache. Gently sip to your satisfaction and let the non-alcoholic nano CBD infused wine bring you day to new levels.

Elegant and stylish with ripe vivid black cherry, currant, wild berry, and black olive flavors. Wonderfully refined with tons of fragrant earthy layers. A classic Cabernet Sauvignon with depth and style.

100% organic Virginia hemp sustainably farmed in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, cultivated, and harvested by hand at optimal bloom.

Our organic, full-spectrum formula is made in small batches using organic certified processes and ingredients. Our collection of full spectrum products utilizes the phytocannabinoid rich compounds present in our hemp extract to boost your body's endocannabinoid system by taking advantage of the entourage effect.

Directions for use
To use: Gently invert several times and let rest before opening to ensure that the CBD is evenly dispersed. Pour and enjoy.

May cause drowsiness. Use caution when mixing CBD and alcohol.

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